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The proven performer and bestseller is perfected. After four years, Europe’s favorite allrounder is improved. Yes, the board that everyone loves for its range and Cartan carbon fiber performance is better. After two years of continuous R&D, we bring you the third generation Fusion featuring revolutionary board improvements borrowed from Carved Customs

-Europe’s leading custom board manufacturer- and their latest masterpiece, the Imperator 6.

Eight proven sizes with improved construction.
Other than the offering the same board sizes, everything else is new. “We’ve reworked just about everything,” says Daniel Borchert, Head of Twintip Engineering. “From the ground up.” Owners will see the biggest changes in the hull. But equally profound improvements have been made to the Fusion 3’s wood core.

Multi-Channel, deep V hull for unbelievable control and
The tip channels worked so well on the Fusion 2 that CORE added a full center and ¾ edge channels to the new board. The center channel follows the length of the board and the two ¾ length outer channels sit on either side of the center channel. “The new channel provides extra depth for the concave V-Keel” comments Borchert, “And seriously ups board performance.”

Extended 3D wood core for better flex memory.
To further improve the Fusion 3’s carving, CORE extended the Paulownia further towards the board edges and CNC milled both top and bottom. The larger wood core reduced board weight and improved flex memory. Variable rail thickness is new for the Fusion 3. Its 9mm thick rails near the middle of the board reduce to 3mm on the tips. “Vario Rails brings carving to whole new level,” comments Borchert, “and the progressive rocker makes landings almost as good as the Imperator 6.”

Vee Rocker - more rocker underfoot and less rocker towards
The Fusion 3’s new rocker is more pronounced under your feet and progressively reduces towards the tips. This knowhow borrows from the Imperator 6 - Carved Custom’s latest masterpiece.

Specifications for CORE FUSION 3

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